Joanne Juskus Band

Sun Staff

Hometown: Columbia

Current members: Willard Morris, violin, mandolin, bass and keyboard; Mattias Rucht, drums; Kevin Burnes, guitar; Parker Roach, bass; Joanne Juskus, keyboard, vocals.

Founded in: 2001

Style: Contemporary folk jazz

Influenced by: Joni Mitchell, Sheila Chandra, the Incredible String Band

Notable: The band has been nominated for eight Wammies (annual awards given by the Washington Area Music Association) including best contemporary folk vocalist and best new artist. Juskus' debut CD came out in 2001, and she is planning another one for 2005.

Quotable: Joanne Juskus on inspiration: "I've always thought that love writes. If I'm feeling love, spiritual or romantic love, the connection between beings inspires me to write."

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-- Annie Linskey

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