Swarm of the Lotus

Sun staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Peter Maturi, vocals and guitar; Jamie Garonzik, vocals and guitar; Nathan Trowbridge, vocals and bass; Chris Csar, drums

Founded in: 1998

Style: Metal

Influenced by: Isis, Mastodon, Today is the Day

Notable: Lately, the band's had a rash of bad luck on the road. An eight-week string of shows supporting the new album, The Sirens of Silence, broke down after four weeks. A bummed Maturi said they plan to wait out the winter and try again in the spring, but he's still looking forward to tomorrow's hometown gig.

Quotable: "You plan all year to go out for two months long, you get psyched, and all this ... happens."

For more information about the band, visit swarmofthelotus.com.

--Sam Sessa


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