Vs. the Earth

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Adam Marino, vocals and guitar; Shawn Hocherl, drums; Mike Ritchey ("Ritchey"), guitar; Eric Swender ("Dawg"), bass.

Founded in: 2000

Style: Rock

Influenced by: Poison, Garth Brooks and Green Day

Notable: The band recently moved to Baltimore from Pennsylvania and changed its name. The group was called Never More, but the members changed it because they were often confused with a Seattle heavy-metal band with the same name.

Quotable: Marino, on the band's first national tour: "It was the biggest and stupidest thing we ever did. We were living hand-to-mouth, eating $2 cheeseburgers. We lost a lot of weight." On the other hand, while touring and starving, the band got good exposure, met key contacts (including their current manager Gary Hutson) and now have the luxury of playing music full time.

For more information about the Vs. the Earth, visit www.vstheearth.com.

-- Annie Linskey

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