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Lisa Cerbone

Sun Reporter

Hometown: Westminster

Current members: Lisa Cerbone, guitar and vocals

Founded in: 1990

Style: indie acoustic folk

Influenced by: Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young, Tom Waits, the Shins

Notable: Songs on Cerbone's most recent album, "Ordinary Days," were left sparsely produced -- most are only vocals and acoustic guitar. While Cerbone is working on a few new songs, she said she's not comfortable enough with them yet to show them off.

Quotable: "I've played with bands before, and I like the music stripped down," Cerbone said. "My ears always like that sound for some reason. I like it when you can hear the words and you can hear the singer. It's just a lot more intimate that way. And for my songs, it makes a lot more sense to keep them stripped down so you can hear the melodies and the words."

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