Fourth Element

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Hometown: Eldersburg

Current members: Adam Priest, lead vocals; Mike Sill, guitar, backup vocals; Jordan August, guitar, backup vocals; Greg Fraser, bass; Matt Fraser, drums

Founded in: 2003

Style: melodic rock

Influenced by: Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Soul Coughing

Notable: The band put out "Now's the Time," a five-track EP, last year, and followed it with "Hello, Shadow," a full-length that dropped in May. They're also planning to release a live DVD in October taken from a show at the 8x10.

Quotable: August on "Hello, Shadow:" "It's not written for the radio. It's written how we wrote it and not a whole lot changed once it was recorded. You can hear mistakes, you can hear things that you might think are a little off, but that's how we wanted it to be. It's not so Hollywood or so produced. That's what I really like about the new album."

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