Slot Racer

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore (by way of Atlanta)

Current Members: Jason Dove, vocals and guitar; Jeff Donaldson, bass; Paul Neidhardt, drums.

Founded In: 1998

Style: rock

Influenced by: Buddy Holly, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Elvis Costello

Notable: Former math-rock musician Jason Dove began Slot Racer six years ago as a side recording project to his Atlanta-based band, Plexorjet. After a move to Baltimore, Dove reformed SR with two local guys and now gigs at local dive bars and clubs. The act is currently working toward the release of a new CD, dubbed Pronto.

Quotable: Dove on the beginnings of Slot Racer: "The guys that I played with (in former band, Plexorjet) were really caught up with what their peers where doing. There was a lot of social pressure to be cool. They were ... almost closed off to anything else. And I didn't want to write post-rock for the rest of my life. That's how it all started."

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-- Sarah Schaffer

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