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Hometown: Cumberland

Current members: Whitney McGraw, glockenspiel, keys and vocals; Clinton Jones, percussion and guitar; Jasen Reeder, bass; Michael Nau, guitar and vocals

Founded in: 2004

Style: indie folk pop

Influenced by: Bob Dylan, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, the town of Cumberland

Notable: Hello Dear Wind, the band's sophomore album on Fall Records, drew widespread praise from indie fans and press -- much to Nau's surprise. A new double EP comes out this fall: Pear, a disc full of '60s pop and soul pieces, and Sister Pinecone, a compilation of previous songs.

Quotable: "We spent a lot of time technically with the [new] record and tried to capture a sound rather than adhering to a theme throughout," Nau said. "It was just kind of a relaxation period where we could stray away from everything we've done thus far and have an opportunity to put something out there that's a lot different from what we were doing."

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