VooDoo Blue

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current Members: Dan Book, guitar and vocals; Mike Abrian, lead vocals; Justin Posner, drums; and "Clunky" Jacobson, bass.

Founded in: 1999

Style: hard rock

Influenced by: 311, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana

Notable: Members of VooDoo Blue have been rocking out -- and sharing the spotlight with major-label acts such as (hed) P.E. and Shinedown -- since they were just local high school kids. The four-piece played a leg of the Lollapalooza tour last year and, after recently winning WHFS' big-break contest, will open the radio station's summer concert, the HFStival, on Saturday.

Quotable: Book on trying to catch a break while playing alongside big names: "We've been working at it really hard over the last five years -- a quarter of my life. A lot of the national acts we've played with ... are the most humble and gracious guys. [That's] because they've been where we [are today]."

For more information on VooDoo Blue, visit www.vdbmusic.com.

-- Sarah Schaffer

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