Downtown Singapore

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Hometown: Waldorf

Current members: Jerry Scott, vocals; Matt VanGasbeck, guitar, keys and vocals; Matt Thorsen, drums; Joey Lucente, guitar; Jake Rabadi, guitar

Founded in: 2000

Style: rock 'n' roll

Influenced by: Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Eat World

Notable: Scott and Thorsen left a pop punk band to form Downtown Singapore, an all-out-rock outfit. Pop punk was just too constricting, Thorsen said. Downtown Singapore's debut album, Don't Let Your Guard Down, dropped in March.

Quotable: "There's a lot more freedom [with rock]," Thorsen said. "People aren't expecting you to do a certain kind of thing. They are to an extent, but not as much. When you're pop punk, you're really limited to what you're doing. When you're rock, you can kind of touch base with all the different forms. It definitely gives you a lot more elbow room."

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