Mindside 19

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Ryan Moses, vocals; Dan Miyamoto; guitar; Rich Chisolm, guitar; Alex Proescher, bass; Greg Radziminski, drums.

Founded in: 1996

Style: Punk rock

Influenced by: Anti-Flag, Strung Out, Nofx, Pennywise.

Notable: The band's name comes from a combination of previous names. They started as Mindset -- but then learned that another band already had a copyright on this name. Then they became Section 19, but abandoned that when they learned the name did not mean what they thought it meant. The group moved on to become Flipside -- but again learned that they shared this name with another group. So, in the end, they decided to combine elements of all three names. The final product, Mindside 19, hasn't given them any trouble so far.

Quotable: Chisolm on how the band has developed: "I happened to come across the first recording we had, and it amazed me how far we've come since then -- how tight everything has become."

For more information about Mindside 19, visit www.mindside19.com.

-- Annie Linskey

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