Among Wolves

Sun Reporter

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Billy Tiedeken, lead vocals, guitar, banjo, bass; Jimmy Cahill, vocals, piano, synth, guitar; David Godman, vocals, bass, drums; Jason Butcher, vocals, drums, guitar and lap steel

Founded in: 2005

Style: experimental electro-folk rock

Influenced by: Beach Boys, Neil Young, Will Oldham and old bluegrass

Notable: Since forming a couple of years ago, the band has recorded five albums. It recently signed to the local Beechfields label and plans to release another record in March. Tiedeken estimates the group has about 100 original songs -- a big number for such a short period.

Quotable: "We've got that drive," Tiedeken said. "Once it's in you, you've got to get it out."

The artist:

[Sam Sessa]

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