Bag of Humans

Sun Staff

Hometown: Baltimore

Current members: Nicholas Lee, vocals, guitar, keyboards, samples; Jim Russell, guitar, synthesizer; Rob Parrish, drums, percussion; Mike vonBank; vocals, saxophone; Jon Carroll, bass.

Founded in: 1997

Style: Experimental punk

Influenced by: The Residents, Ornette Coleman, Slayer

Notable: The band's self-titled debut record comes out Jan. 7. It's been in the works for a year and a half and considerable attention was paid to the artwork the accompanying CD booklet.

Quotable: Lee on the band's name: "It is about live humans being in a bag not being able to breathe. It is kind of like an analogy for the world. It came from being at the bottom of the dog pile, trying to make your way up."

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--Annie Linskey

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