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Hannah Montana comes to Baltimore

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  • Hannah Montana concert in Baltimore

    Hannah Montana concert in Baltimore

  • An upbeat but forgettable concert film

    An upbeat but forgettable concert film

    (C+) "We have a couple of rules here tonight," shouts Miley Ray Cyrus to an intimate crowd of several thousand screaming tweens. "I don't want to look around and see anyone sitting in their seats." The 15-year-old Miley, otherwise known as TV rock princess Hannah Montana, never gets around to rule...

  • Miley Cyrus' stage presence and energy sell the songs

    Miley Cyrus' stage presence and energy sell the songs

    Hannah Montana mania hit 1st Mariner Arena with a big glittery bang -- literally. Fireworks announced the arrival of one of the hottest acts on the concert circuit. The Best of Both Worlds tour -- starring Miley Cyrus, daughter of country-pop star Billy Ray Cyrus -- was a polished, surprisingly...

  • Hannah Montana is the newest craze -- in the classic style

    For a father, the sweetest moment of Miley Cyrus' concert in Baltimore last night came toward the end, as she sat on a stool, eyes glistening, playing guitar and singing the ballad "I Miss You" in memory of her late grandfather. The audience, mostly young girls and moms, swayed with their glow...

  • Miley doesn't disappoint with electrifying party

    The Jonas Brothers started the night with a jolt, but when Hannah Montana stepped on stage it was as if everyone in the whole place had downed 10 energy drinks and the sugar had just started to kick in. As a 13-year-old guy, I really liked the concert. Even though I highly suggest going to a concert...

  • Night of guise and dolls

    Night of guise and dolls

    Hair, fashion and frenzy shared equal billing with music for the tweens at Hannah Montana show

  • Miley Cyrus pulls in the big bucks

    When Miley Cyrus' concert tour ends this month, the teen pop sensation will discover whether her meteoric rise to fame culminates in a payday that puts her earnings on a par with that of American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, Harry Potter series star Daniel Radcliffe, singer Avril Lavigne and other...

  • Montana fans cry 'scalp'

    Montana fans cry 'scalp'

    Federal judge bars computer programs that enable brokers to buy up tickets before the public