Sam Koch

Home life can be hectic for this father of three. So having a large, crazy, raucous crowd over for the game would be par for the course at the Koch residence. For the game, he'd definitely invite over friends and neighbors. Everyone would pile into the theater room where there's a pool table, a bar and, of course, a big screen television. The punter would be wearing a Ravens hoodie and AFC Championship ball cap, watching the action on the field with quiet intensity, Bud Light in hand. His wife and her friends, they're shriekers, who "really get into it." His wife, he adds, knows how to make some terrific game-day eats. For a big game like this, he'd definitely request her spinach dip served in a hollowed out sourdough bowl and what she calls her "pizza dip," which is like a pepperoni pizza de-constructed into something you scoop up with bread and chips. "It tastes amazing," Koch gushes. There would also be tortilla wrapped deli sandwiches and corn dogs.
Christopher T. Assaf, Baltimore Sun
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