I was excited to drive downtown to the W Hotel to interview the cast of Ruby Sparks. I had to redeem myself.

You see, I sat in a cabana by the pool and interviewed Marisa Tomei there. It was the only interview I’ve ever done that I consider a disaster. Oh wait…there was a time Country Joe yelled at me for working at a classic rock radio station that didn’t play his music. Another story for another time.

I walked in and went up to a guy in a sports coat sipping a pina colada near the pool. I shook his hand as he smiled, and I exclaimed “I loved you in There Will Be Blood, and I can’t believe more people didn’t see The Extra Man. You and Kevin Kline were so great in that.”

He replied, “I wasn’t in that.”

Just as I was about to argue the point, he said “I’ve never done a movie in my life. I’m a businessman from Toledo. Perhaps you have me mistaken for somebody else.”

I looked around and saw two other cabanas set up, and that’s where the cast of the movie was. Unfortunately, the real Paul Dano wasn’t there, either.

I did get to talk to his girlfriend – the beautiful and talented Zoe Kazan. She wrote and starred in Ruby Sparks.

As we were sitting down to start the interview, I mentioned how she must hate all the critics that just want to compare the movie to Stranger Than Fiction. She said “Yeah, that and Weird Science.”

I replied “I actually found a few elements reminded me more of Groundhog Day.”

She let out an excited scream, grabbed my arm, and said “Thank you! Exactly! Thank you so much! You got it!”

I put my notepad down as she fixed her dress. She told me she liked my shirt [Pulp Fiction], I told her I loved her dress, and we started the interview.

Since her parents are both in the film industry, I thought I’d ask one question about that.

Josh Board: When you were working on Broadway with Christopher Walken, did you say that your dad directed him in a movie [At Close Range]?

Zoe Kazan: No, but he knew that. He is the one that told me he also worked in a play my grandfather wrote called A Behanding in Spokane with Sam Rockwell.”

JB: It was great seeing Elliot Gould and Annette Bening, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Steve Coogan. I always laugh at the mere expressions on his face. Did he make you laugh off the set and between takes?

ZK: Not all that much. Did you ever see The Trip?

JB: Yeah, I loved it.

ZK: Well, he was a lot like the character in that; kind of grumpy. Sure, he’s funny…but he could be grumpy, too.


I figured Zoe is tired of answering questions about her boyfriend Paul Dano, but I think he’s one of the most interesting young actors today. I asked her if she had him in mind for the role.