It seems like only yesterday that the nerdy bunch in Superbad decided to have a big party, get all the girls, and become the big men on campus. This premise for a comedy is as old as the hills. And you always wish these would be done in a clever way. Remember how much we enjoyed Risky Business when a young Tom Cruise turned his pad into a brothel while his parents were away and kept calling?

It’s strange that a lot of critics will dislike this movie when it’s got an awful lot of laughs. You can’t knock it as being unrealistic. In Animal House they had frat parties with kegs thrown through windows and Otis Day and the Knights playing to a crowd dressed in togas.

In Boogie Nights (one of the best films ever made) we see the guys go buy drugs from somebody that wants to sing along to a mix tape, while a weird Asian boy throws firecrackers around the living room.

So a party where a car is driven into a swimming pool doesn’t seem so far fetched (The Who’s Keith Moon even did this once).

I’m sure John Hughes would’ve thought this was a bit raunchy, but he would’ve appreciated many aspects of it.

I was initially annoyed by the documentary style premise and shaky cam that goes along with that. These techniques are used so much these days.

When I saw the film was produced by Todd Phillips, who gave us the highly overrated Hangover films, I wasn’t hopeful; but there are two scenes in this that had me laughing harder than anything else I’ve seen all year. One involved a dog at the party. I won’t tell you what happens, because it’s so much funnier to see it if you aren’t expecting it. Another involves a little person at the party. He ticks off some kids and ends up in an oven. What happens when he gets out is like something you’d see in Jackass, and I was embarrassed to be laughing so hard at it.

One of my pet peeve in films is when there are characters that are “friends” of the protagonist, and we don’t know why they would be friends. In this, the friends all had chemistry. Situations seemed believable. Even when those involved neighbors angry about the noise; or cops showing up to question the kids.

For anybody that wants to complain about how realistic the party was, well…I wrote the Crasher column for the Reader for eight years. I’ve been to parties that had some of these things go down.

This movie might not be the most original film, it’s sexist, has lots of nudity, profanity, and drug use. This means it’s not for everyone.

I remember in 8th grade when Fast Times at Ridgemont High came out, we all tried to order pizza to our classroom (it never worked). I’m guessing this movie will give kids ideas for their next bash. Let’s just hope guests leave the flame throwers at home.

It gets 3 ½ stars out of 5.