Everyone has been talking about the shooting in Colorado at the Dark Knight Rises. Many of my friends, knowing I’m a movie critic, have asked my opinions. I’ve decided to share many of the thoughts on all aspects of the case, in this blog. I’m not writing these thoughts in any specific order, just as they come to me.


n      Not being allowed to wear costumes in a movie theatre.


A friend of mine was so upset when he heard that theatres were going to ban people from wearing costumes. I told him this wasn’t Comic Con. The only time I’ve seen costumes is on opening night. Those are movies like Harry Potter or Batman. I didn’t even see a single costume for The Avengers, and that movie was huge.

When I was 21 and dating a bank teller, she was Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween. I was the big bad wolf, and brought flowers into her at work. I thought it would be cute, until the tellers started screaming at me that masks weren’t allowed in the bank. Sometimes rules like that come up after tragedies like this. After9/11, I had my tooth paste and contact lense cleaner taken out of my bag. Unless you’re some geek that has nothing in life to get excited about but opening day of a movie so you can play dress up, this really isn’t a big deal.


n      Suing the movie theatre.


I heard that one of the victims is suing the movie theatre. I hope the judge immediately throws that out of court. There’s nothing the theatre could’ve done. I’ve talked to a few movie theatre managers about this, too. A nut job can come into any place that’s seating multiple folks, and there’s not a lot you’d be able to do. In that very Batman film, the villain attacks a stadium full of people at a football game. And before the movie started, we saw a trailer for a Sean Penn movie (American Gangster) where they shoot at people in a movie. Inglourious Basterds had a similar scene. It’s something people think about, but if the movie theatres started having extra security and making you take off your shoes like you do at the airport – everyone would be complaining, JUST like they do at the airport. And you think ticket prices are expensive now!


n      Christian Bale visiting victims.


This is one of the nicest gestures ever. As much as I love Bale as an actor (rent The Machinist if you haven’t seen it), the way he yelled at a lighting guy on the set of Terminator Salvation, showed me what a jerk he could be.


Now, some people are saying this was just a publicity stunt. To that I say – so what? It made those victims happy, and that’s really all that counts. I’ve been a volunteer at the Make-a-Wish Foundation for over 10 years, and coach a Special Olympics basketball team. There are a handful of people that volunteer just so their friends/family can praise them for it. That doesn’t bother me, either. Whatever your motivation, if it helps people, I’m all for it.  There will always be the negative types, like when Charlie Sheen donated a million bucks to the USO, and got knocked for it not being enough because of how much he makes. And I’m guessing most that knocked that gesture haven’t donated a dime to a charity.


n      The killer from San Diego.


I won’t say his name. I don’t mind media outlets that do. It’s going to be out there anyway, and in five years we won’t remember it. How many of us can name the Virginia Tech killer, or closer to home, the Santana High School shooter?