It's Oscar time and that leads to lots of lists, second guessing and just outright guessing.
So it should not at all be surprising that the latest Flick Chick list spotlights the Top 5 movies nominated for Best Picture but lost to far inferior candidates.

1) Good Fellas (1990)

Martin Scorsese refined and perfected the gangster genre and made the best film of the decade let alone the year.  (It would not be the first time he pulled off such a feat.)

2) Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Crash won instead.  Really?

3) Raging Bull (1980)

Scorsese blasted the Eighties off with a tour de force boxing tale of fallen hero Jake LaMottaRobert DeNiro gives the performance of his career (even after Taxi Driver).  Scorsese paints his story with a black-and-white canvas, putting to film the most visually elegant and goriest boxing sequences ever.  Oh yea, Ordinary People won Best Picture.

4) Sunset Boulevard (1950)

It lost to All About Eve, but William Wilder's tale of a sadsack screenwriter that falls into the web of a forgotten silent film star's plan for a comeback is pure eerie magic.

5) Citizen Kane (1941)

Widely considered to be the best movie. Ever. Made.  Naturally, it lost to John Ford's How Green Was My Valley.