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Stacy Keibler celebrates early birthday in Mexico with boyfriend George Clooney

Baltimore-native Stacy Keibler kicked off her birthday in "paradise" with superstar boyfriend George Clooney this week.

The former wrestler and "Dancing With The Stars" alum, Keibler, was spotted in Mexico with "The Ides of March" star and friends just days before her 32nd birthday this Friday, according to people.com.

On Sunday, Keibler Tweeted a picture of the lush Cabo San Lucas location with the caption: "Chasing the last days of 'summer.'" With the hash tag "paradise."

The pair have been dating for a couple months after both rebounding from long term relationships. Clooney recently split with girlfriend of two years Elisabetta Canalis. Keibler split with long-term boyfriend, actor George Stults, a year ago.

In August, an insider told Life & Style magazine that Keibler flew to Italy to spend time with Clooney at his villa in Lake Como. She Tweeted about the trip: "I'm in heaven."


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