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The Lady from Sockholm

I have a confession to make. I have an inappropriate crush ... on a sock puppet. Yes! I said it. A sock puppet. Please, don't judge me. In my defense, he is a very endearing sock puppet.

Terrence M. Cotton (see, just his name curls my toes with ecstasy) is the main character in The Lady from Sockholm, a sock puppet film noir comedy. It's the height of Wool War II, and business is slow for Cotton, a private investigator. Finally, Heelda Brum provides Cotton with the high-paying case he's been looking for. All he has to do is find her husband Darnell, a wealthy tailor.

As Cotton searches for Brum's missing husband, he finds himself sewn into a world of gangsters and underground smuggling rings.

Sockholm is a lot of fun. Would you expect anything less from an hour with sock puppets named Phoot Fung-Us, Big Toeny and Sgt. O'lastic?

But don't be fooled. The Lady from Sockholm is much more than carefully crafted sock puns. Ultimately, Cotton learns that in order to discover the truth, you must look beyond the fabric of another man's sock.

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