Yes, it's Toronto. Get over it, already

It's time to get over the hurt from not having Hairspray shot in Baltimore.

Yes, it would have been great to have the movie shot in the city where it is set, in the hometown of the man who first brought its characters to life, in the place where beehive hairdos and people calling each other "hon" are the rules, not the exceptions.

All things being equal, it should have been shot here - and would have been shot here, had our legislators in Annapolis approved enough financial incentives to enable filmmakers to work here as inexpensively as they do in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Canada or any of the dozens of other places that seem more anxious to attract the economic benefits of filmmaking than Maryland is.

So the movie was made in Toronto. Big deal! Regardless of where it was made, Hairspray is a wonderful movie, an exuberant shot of song-and-dance-imbued effervescence that is Baltimore down to its very core.

Hey, they didn't shoot Gone With the Wind in Atlanta, but that didn't stop Atlantans from embracing the film as though it was their own. And Hairspray, hon, is a lot more fun than Gone With the Wind. It deserves no less.

[ Chris Kaltenbach

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