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'Jamesy Boy' to shoot in Baltimore

"Jamesy Boy," an independent film directed and co-written by Maryland native Trevor White and starring Mary-Louise Parker, Ving Rhames and James Woods, will begin filming in Baltimore March 5, the Maryland Film Office announced today.

The film, which will be shot over five weeks, tells the story of James (newcomer Spencer Lofranco), a street-tough gang member who ends up in a maximum security prison. There, he befriends a convicted murderer who becomes his mentor and helps turn his life around. The movie is based on a real teenager, James Burns.

The producer for "Jamesy Boy" is Trevor White's brother, Tim.

"We are pleased that these filmmakers will be returning home and producing 'Jamesy Boy' in our state and creating jobs for local Marylanders," Governor Martin O'Malley said in announcing the project. "Our state has long been a location for many outstanding independent films, and we look forward to working with this production."

"Jamesy Boy" will generate a $5 million economic impact on Maryland, according to estimates provided by the film office, and could provide work for as many as 400 cast and crew, including extras.

Maryland-based Wayne L. Rogers and New York-based Bonnie Timmermann will serve as executive producers on the film. The production team also includes producers Maria Norman ("Public Enemies"), Steve Saeta ("The Kingdom," "The Island"), Galen Walker ("TMNT," "Highlander") and Scott Mednick ("300," "Superman Returns," "We Are Marshall").

Maryland's Film Production Employment Act of 2011 helped bring "Jamesy Boy" to the state, said Jack Gerbes, head of the Maryland Film Office. The act set up a fund that offers a partial tax credit for local production expenditures and encourages producers to use local film crews.

"We are excited to welcome another cast and crew that is filming a motion picture in our great city," said Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. "Baltimore has been the setting for numerous outstanding productions on the large and small screen, and we are happy to add "Jamesy Boy" to the list."

So far, 2012 is proving a banner year for film production in Maryland, Last month, Netflix announced that it would film the series "House of Cards," starring Kevin Spacey, in the state. The HBO movie "Game Change," filmed here last year and starring Julianne Moore as GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, debuts March 10. And the HBO series "Veep," starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a U.S. vice president who finds the job is less than she imagined, is set for the spring.

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