The medalists: Zombies of "Zombie"

One of the most famous scenes of Italian director Lucio Fulci’s 1979 "Zombi 2" (released in America as "Zombie"), features a zombie on the bottom of the ocean taking on a shark. Interestingly, the outcome isn’t so clear-cut. While the zombie does manage to take a hunk out of the oceanic predator, the shark takes off the zombie’s arm. In a normal wrestling match, the loss of a competitor’s arm would be the end. But not with a zombie. This creature manages to walk away from the face-off to terrorize again. Imagine if these two were paired off with judges assigning points? Not even the famously over-the-top WWE would ever attempt something this outrageous.

The event: Live coverage

The medalists: Zombies of "Return of the Living Dead"

Who better to provide color commentary for the Zombie Olympics than zombies themselves? And though most zombies can do no better than a grunt or a moan, the zombies of Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 horror comedy and its subsequent sequels had a little more on their minds. Instead of flesh, these zombies craved brains and weren’t afraid to ask for them by name. Additionally, they were able to manipulate the living and actually beg, finagle and whine for their precious brains. Who else would be good behind the microphone?

The event: Shooting

The medalists: Bub the zombie from "Day of the Dead"

Romero’s zombies generally didn’t have a lot going on upstairs, but Bub the zombie in the director’s third zombie outing demonstrated some ability with more than his jaw. As the kooky Dr. Logan’s pet zombie in the underground military bunker of the film, Bub appeared to retain some memories of his past life and even showed an aptitude with a gun, which he used to take down the crazed military bad guy, Rhodes, in the film’s climax. Not everyone can be trusted with a gun, but Bub proved that zombies can be crack shots.

The event: Cross-country skiing

The medalists: Nazi zombies of "Dead Snow"

The evil Nazi zombies of the 2009 Norwegian horror comedy have spent the decades since the end of the war traipsing about the Norwegian mountains, doing awful things to unwitting campers and hikers who happen to cross their path. But because of the snowy nature of this part of the world, these Nazi monsters have gotten quite skilled at getting from point A to point B despite a heavy dusting of powder on the ground. 


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