The government shutdown thwarted Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le's plans to get married at the Jefferson Memorial, but on Thursday night they got something perhaps even more memorable: a wedding officiated by none other than Stephen Colbert.

The funnyman and ordained minister hosted a nuptial celebration and even quickie bachelor/bachelorette parties complete with shots and strippers on "The Colbert Report." He got some assistance from celebrity friends, including Mandy Patinkin, who sang a Jewish blessing and got in a nice plug for "Homeland," and Smokey Bear, who stepped in as best man.

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Plenty of other shows have hosted weddings -- starting with Tiny Tim on "The Tonight Show" and continuing on "Today," "Conan" and now even "Watch What Happens Live" -- but leave it to "The Colbert Report" to do so in a way that's both silly and surprisingly sweet.

Who knew having your wedding plans ruined by feckless politicians could be so delightful?


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