Lindsay Lohan will appear on 'Eastbound and Down'

Lindsay Lohan really seems intent on getting her acting career back on track. And where else is a notorious Hollywood bad girl going to go than to HBO's "Eastbound & Down" to appear alongside pay cable bad boy Kenny Powers (Danny McBride).

HBO has confirmed Lohan will indeed be appearing on the series but declined to describe the role she would be playing.

Filming on the final eight-episode fourth season of the comedy series began in June in North Carolina. On Tuesday, Lohan posted a self-portrait on her Instagram feed with the note, "Back@work! So grateful today!"

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According to E! Online, Lohan is playing the daughter of one of the show's main characters, who is the bride at her own wedding in a scene set far in the future.

The action of the show's fourth season is expected to pick up several years after the conclusion of season 3, which saw former major-league baseball player Powers getting back to the majors only to have a change of heart, fake his death and return to April, the mother of his child.

The new season of "Eastbound & Down" debuts on Sept. 29.


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