Jesse enslaved by the neo-Nazis

Episodes: "To'hajiilee," "Ozymandias"After Walt deems Jesse a traitor, he hands his former partner over to Uncle Jack and his band of neo-Nazis -- the same men whom Walt contracted to carry out 10 murders in multiple prisons during a two-minute window. Walt wants Jesse killed but agrees to let them take him for questioning first. However, with the dangerous white supremacist group bent on making even more money, they decide that he is more valuable to them alive.At the end of "Ozymandias," it is revealed that they have kept him captive and shackled in order to cook Heisenberg-level meth. To make matters worse, a photo in the lab serves as a reminder that the fate of his ex-girlfriend Andrea Cantillo and her son Brock remains in his blue meth-cooking hands.
Ursula Coyote / AMC
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