In this time when news is disseminated ever more quickly, we asked our critics to list the best of culture in 2013 in tweet form:

Daft Punk, "RAM" = Robotic French duo channel vibe of Studio 54, "Thriller" & Giorgio Moroder. Perfect clone for new android ears. #getlucky

"Spring Breakers" soundtrack: Dubstep 'n inst. score capturing spirit of moment just as 'Singles,' '16 Candles' & 'Apocalypse Now' before.

Earl Sweatshirt, "Doris": Odd Future rapper's work marked arrival of smart LA voice "in the midst of a tornado/Misfitted like Clark Gable."

Arcade Fire, "Reflektor." Rhythm + Haiti + James Murphy + David Bowie = Tornadic disco-dub-rock. Heavy but buoyantly ambitious and dynamic.

Brandy Clark, "12 Stories." Pain pills. Aqua Net, cigarettes, lipstick. Pistol. Tokes of pot. Crimes of fashion. Broken dishes. Twang.

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Queens of the Stone Age, "Like Clockwork." Melodic distortion from best hard rock band on Earth. Mesmerizing, honest, sweet but barbed.

Laura Marling, "Once I Was An Eagle." British folk rock starring voice with backbone. LP will get 25-year reissue in 2038 to grand acclaim.

Chance the Rapper, "Acid Rap." Tripped-out reporting of bloody Chicago from teen breakout. Hard but witty, tough but emo. #lsd #cocoabutter

N. Miss. Allstars, "World Boogie Is Coming." "Sandinista!" of blues from Dickinson bros. Guitar, fife, drum — and Robert Plant on harp.

Kanye West, 'Yeezus." Unrepentant, polarizing, furiously minimal, 'Yeezus' succeeded despite/because of the ego who built it. #croissants

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