Jimmy Kimmel quizzes SXSW fans about fake bands

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to find the left-field window through which to view the South By Southwest music festival experience.

He and the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” crew shot person-on-the-street interviews in Austin, Texas, getting reaction to some of the most buzz-worthy acts at this year’s conference — without informing interviewees that all the names they were being asked about represent non-existent performers.

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Nonetheless, declining to be caught unaware of the next big thing, attendees offered remarkably detailed reactions to the music of acts such as Tonya & the Hardings (and their album “Sorry About That, Nancy”), DJ Korn Meal, I’m Not Done with the Salad (and its songs including “I’m Not Tipping” and “Did It Look Like I Was Finished?”), Vegan Bikini and Daenerys Targaryen & the Dragon Pony.

Kimmel did a similar bit last year from the Coachella festival in Indio.

Here’s the video from “Lie Witness News: SXSW Edition”:


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