Is that Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z after Met Ball? See video

Here's something terrible to start out your week: TMZ posted security camera footage early Monday that appears to show Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z inside an elevator.

The gossip site says the minute-long video, in which a woman who resembles Beyoncé's younger sister repeatedly punches and kicks a man who resembles Beyoncé's rap-star husband, was captured last week at a party at the Standard Hotel in New York following the Met Gala.

During the fracas, maybe-Beyoncé stands next to maybe-Jay Z but doesn't get involved. A large man eventually restrains maybe-Solange and, according to TMZ, pushes the elevator's emergency stop button "presumably to keep the fight private."

"It's unclear what triggered the fight," the site said with atypical understatement.

News of the apparent altercation spread quickly online Monday morning, with the hashtag "#WhatJayZSaidToSolange" trending almost immediately on Twitter.

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