"Billy Jack Goes to Washington": This 1977 remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" proved to be the death knell for the Billy Jack series. The film had only limited theatrical screenings, including a showing in L.A. in April 1977.

But fans can catch it on VHS and DVD. The film features such veterans as E.G. Marshall, Sam Wanamaker and Pat O'Brien, as well as Lucie Arnaz, William Wellman Jr. and even Suzanne Somers. The latter two actors' scenes were edited out of the DVD.

TV Guide described it as a "long, arduous and sometimes agitating rip-off" of "Mr. Smith."

"The Master Gunfighter": After "The Trial of Billy Jack" and before "Billy Jack Goes to Washington," Laughlin starred in, produced and wrote this 1975 western. His son, Frank Laughlin, directed.

The film finds Tom Laughlin playing the world's fastest gun, who also could wield a mean samurai sword.

Ron O'Neal, Lincoln Kilpatrick and Barbara Carrera, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for best acting debut, also star. Burgess Meredith supplied the narration.

Roger Ebert was no fan. "I don't think there's any way an intelligent moviegoer could sit through this mess and accurately describe the plot afterward."


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