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Full trailer for 'Last Vegas' released: Familiar premise, different age bracket

The Hangover Part III” might have been a flop, but that doesn’t mean its premise won’t be recycled in other movies again.

And again.

As we find out in the just-released trailer for "Last Vegas," the twist this time is to age the film's cast by 30 years. Robert De Niro functions as the new Bradley Cooper, Michael Douglas the new Ed Helms, Kevin Kline the new Justin Bartha, and Morgan Freeman the new Zach Galifianakis (yes, that’s a lofty comparison) in the ensemble comedy coming out in November.

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It’s another movie set to capture the attention of the aging baby boomers, following similar cues seen in films such as 2011’s “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and even this summer’s “Red 2.” But, unarguably, “ Last Vegas” has a cast of talented actors that could make it a hit.

The group of lifelong friends goes to Vegas for Billy’s (Douglas’) bachelor party. What looks to follow is an alcohol-fueled chain of events,  proving that Vegas will give you a hangover no matter what age you are. “Let’s party like it’s 1959,” says Kline in the trailer.

Even if the all-star cast might be a little too old to know who 50 Cent is, the women don’t age, of course. The trailer shows an uncomfortable mix of bikini-clad babes and somewhat fuddy retirees.

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 “I’m getting married. She’s your age,” says Douglas at a nightclub. “You must be rich,” replies the intoxicated bride-to-be. Some stereotypes never die.

You might call it “The Hangover,” for geriatrics, but at least "Last Vegas" is clever enough to admit it.


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