Scout Willis posts topless pics protesting Instagram policy

The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore is taking a stand against Instagram's nude photo policy

Scout Willis, the second eldest daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is taking a stand against Instagram ... topless and on Twitter.

The 22-year-old has posted breast-baring photos of herself on the photo-sharing to protest their community guidelines after several of her images were deleted for showing breasts.

The image that was deleted showed a bomber jacket with an image depicting two topless women whose nipples were clearly visible. Her account was turned private then deactivated, so she made a new one, but that one was deactivated as well.

"Why does @instagram allow photos of heroin being used but deletes a photo of a print of some smoke shows without tops on???" she tweeted on May 20, adding, "Like people are legitimately selling heroin on @instagram but photos of breasts are just too too much for this world..."

Instagram's site's basic terms of service indicate that users "may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content." The Facebook-owned site has also drawn criticism for deleting images of breast cancer survivors and women breastfeeding, People reported.

"Made a new Instagram, gonna post lots of beautiful photos of naked women I think. Tasteful, non aggressive, whomever wants to see can, if not," she wrote Monday, adding, "Well, let's just see how long they let me stay this time..."

Willis changed her avatar to a magazine cover featuring a topless Rihanna (an image that was also removed from the singer's own Instagram profile), then posted screengrabs of e-mails sent to her by Instagram explaining why her content was flagged and removed. She also shared a screengrab of her profile that made "Areola" her middle name.

On Tuesday, Willis continued her Twitter campaign by posting a topless photo of herself strolling the streets of Manhattan and another buying flowers in the city sans shirt.

"Legal in NYC but not on Instagram," Willis tweeted in one of her photos. Another one was captioned "What @Instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple"

"My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don't wish to force this view on anyone," she tweeted.

Since then, she's continued to post images of nipples and making comparisons between tawdry images and others showing women breastfeeding and has gained support from several followers and contemporaries.

"Now that every1 is listening, let's talk about root of what is happening here, stop sensationalizing and talk about what's really at stake," she wrote Thursday.

"It's so much bigger than @instagram now," she said, adding, "This is about helping women feel empowered to make personal choices about their bodies not dictated by what society says is decent."

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