Kyra Sedgwick cuts off fingertip in clash with kale

Looks as if there's a little less Kyra Sedgwick in the world — "The Closer" actress and wife of Kevin Bacon sliced off a fingertip Saturday while chopping kale.

Yes, kale.

Bacon shared the news with fans via WhoSay, posting a moderately icky picture of the actress in the ER with a wrapped but bloody hand and a bummed-out look on her face. "@kyrasedgwick in the ER. Kale isn't ALLWAYS HEALTHY... if you chop the end of your finger off," he wrote. 

Yes, Kyra, we'd be bummed out too if we made that kind of sacrifice for ... kale.

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"The Following" actor kindly updated fans later on with another photo showing a massive bandage around his wife's left index finger, with a thumbs-up sign coming from the right hand.

"My Baby is fine. All good. Still can't find the tip of that finger."

Note to self: Don't take a heaping helping of the greens when dining at the Sedgwick-Bacon household.

Note to Sedgwick: Next time you're slicing something, resist the urge to get the knife a little, ahem, closer.

(P.S. Feel better soon!)


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