Alpha Dog

Universal Studios Home Entertainment / 2007 / 118 Minutes / Rated R

'Alpha Dog' is one of those dark twisting tragic tales that you know will ultimately end badly. It's the story of 18 year-old Johnny Truelove ( Emile Hirsch), a small-time drug dealer who seems to be taking over the family business from his father, Sonny ( Bruce Willis) in between partying and smoking dope. When Johnny crosses another dealer named Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster) an ultimate retaliation will lead Truelove to kidnap Mazursky's 15 year-old stepbrother Zack (Anton Yelchin). As all hell breaks loose, Johnny must decide what do with their teenage prisoner before Mazursky or the cops catch up with him.

Another odd timed release, this 2007 drama didn't manage to stir much interest theatrically or with critics during its brief 2007 release. The film suffers with an overdose of earnestness, as if everyone, including the actors are trying a little too hard--like they're imagining each scene to be part of a future 'Oscar clip' that will garner them a reward. Not without its moments, Hirsch manages to deliver a fine performance as does his cinematic menace, Ben Foster.

Probably better left for pay cable after hours viewing, this blu-ray release provides few extras to satiate even the curious.