How Will You Know — 3 stars

PG-13; 1:53 running time Here's how the story begins: A lifelong can-do athete, Lisa ( Reese Witherspoon) has devoted her life to Team USA women's' softball. Adversity strikes; she's cut from the team, right around the same time the dutiful son ( Paul Rudd) of a slippery businessman ( Jack Nicholson) suspected of securities fraud learns he may be taking the rap in a federal investigation. When they meet, George, Rudd's character, falls quickly for Lisa, but she's just begun a question mark of a relationship with an easygoing pro baseball player (Owen Wilson, shrewdly cast and genuinely funny). Clearly we know where we're going. Then, gradually, you're reminded why Brooks gave us so much good television over the years. He likes his characters, plain and simple. -- Michael Phillips Read the full review.
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