Place one nori sheet on a flat surface with shiny side down and coarse side up. Place rice 1/2 inch from the bottom, 2 inches from the top, 1/2 inch thick and completely covering nori from side to side.

If using, spread some wasabi paste across the center of rice, from side to side. Spread crab, cucumber and sesame seeds across wasabi.

Fold bottom of nori toward the center, just so the ingredients are covered. Roll. Seal the roll by placing 4 grains of rice along the top edge of the nori and press together.

Slice roll into 4 pieces.

Adapted from recipe by Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic

Get packing

There's more to international cuisines than just great flavor. Get creative with ethnic-inspired packaging, too.

In India, office workers eat lunches packed in stackable containers called tiffin tins. The lunches are packed at home but delivered to offices by couriers called dabba wallas, who use a complex but highly effective system of organization to get the tins to their destinations. Happy Tiffin ( sells tiffin tins in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Japanese bento boxes are rectangular boxes in which meals are elegantly, and tightly, organized. Bento boxes traditionally contain rice, fish or meat and pickled or cooked vegetables. However, some parents use the boxes to creatively pack traditional American lunches, like sandwiches and fruit. Check out Wendy Copley's blog ( for inspiration.

Just Bento ( carries a large selection of bento boxes.