After demolishing our breakfasts, we nursed our coffee, waiting for the check. Blue Moon is the kind of place that inspires long, leisurely brunches. There's much to look at, from local art on the walls to celestial knickknacks all over, and everyone is friendly. But with the waiting crowd on the street growing every few minutes, we felt a moral duty to give up our seats.

Unfortunately, at that point, we couldn't find our waitress. Throughout the meal, the wait staff was friendly and present — someone was always available to answer a question or refill a cup. But when it came time to pay, our waitress pulled a disappearing act.

Eventually, we spotted her. Still, it was another five minutes before she made her way over with our check. Not a big deal — we didn't mind relaxing for a few minutes — but the people outside in line might have disagreed.

Fortunately for them, even after they had spent 90 minutes on the sidewalk, their breakfasts would more than justify the wait.

Blue Moon Cafe

Back story: Since it opened in 1996, Blue Moon Cafe has been a fixture in Fells Point, serving creative homemade breakfasts every day and all night long on the weekends.

Parking: Street parking

Signature dish: Made nationally famous on an episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," Blue Moon's Cap'n Crunch French Toast deserves all the attention it gets. Though it's coated in kids' cereal, the French toast is surprisingly sophisticated thanks to its fresh fruit topping and satisfyingly crunchy texture.

Where: 1621 Aliceanna St.

Contact: 410-522-3940,

Open: Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and from 7 a.m. Friday to 9 p.m. Sunday.

Credit cards: All major

Reservations: Not accepted

Rating: ¿¿¿

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