Natty Boh launches fundraiser for Chesapeake Bay Foundation

To celebrate Maryland’s traditional summer union of beer and crabs, National Bohemian is raising money to support its tasty crustacean counterparts.

In a campaign called “Tabs for Crabs,” Natty Boh has released a limited number of 12-ounce beer cans with red tabs emblazoned with a small crab. For every tab Natty Boh drinkers collect and return, the brewer will donate 10 cents to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, up to $10,000.

The money will go toward the foundation’s blue crab research and habitat restoration efforts.

The fundraiser launched May 1 and runs through Oct. 1.

Customers can send their tabs to: “Natty Boh Tabs for Crabs, Suite 185, 3600 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21124,” or drop them off at the same site. All mail must be postmarked by Oct. 1.

Although Baltimoreans’ loyalty to Natty Boh remains strong, the beer hasn’t been brewed locally in more than 20 years.

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