Le Garage in Hampden to close, rebrand

Le Garage, a restaurant, beer bar and fry shop on the Avenue in Hampden, is closing after service ends Saturday and will be reconfigured into a new concept.

Le Garage opened in 2014 at 911 W. 36th St., serving fries with various dipping sauces from a retail storefront, and Belgian-style beer and French-influenced cuisine in the downstairs restaurant and bar.

“[O]wnership has decided it is time to refresh and rebrand the space into something that will be suited to utilize the downstairs dining area and the street level retail space more cohesively,” consulting manager Chris Spann said in a statement.

The restaurant will offer a two-course menu for $25 Wednesday and Thursday, as well as a complimentary Belgian beer toast Saturday night.

It’s unclear how long the space will be closed before reopening, or what the new concept will be. Spann was not immediately available to comment further.



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