Making it big

Executive Chef Fred Bohn (left), Dover Downs Hotel and Casino congratulates Jim Cupp, Regional Sales Manager for Handy International Inc., for successfully cooking a 235 Lb Crab cake in the first test run of the project. ( / July 10, 2012)

The Salisbury-based Handy International will attempt to break its own world record with a crab cake that may exceed 300 pounds. The Handy staff will start making the crab cake on Saturday, Sept. 1 on the grounds of the Maryland State Fair.

A thousand or so crab cakes, taken from the colossal cake, should be ready to serve at lunchtime to fair-goers, who will have something to tell their grandchildren about.

The Handy staff has done this before. Using a 3-foot diameter, 7 1/2-inch deep, 210-pound stainless-steel cooker, with built-in thermometers, designed by Handy's Regional Sales Manager Jim Cupp, Handy whipped up the current Guinness World Record crab cake -- a 253 pound named June Star.

OK, the crab cake didn't have a name.

The family-owned Handy International was founded in Crisfield in 1903.

The Maryland State Fair opens on Aug. 24 and runs through Sept. 3.