Wineries get streamlined rules for selling at farmers' markets

Starting June 1, there will be fewer restrictions for Maryland wineries that want to sell wine and offer samples at farmers’ markets. New rules passed by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley will remove limits on the number of days a winery can attend markets each year.

“There were a number of restrictions in the law that kept wineries from attending as many markets as they like,” said Kevin Atticks, executive director of the Maryland Wineries Association. “The new law makes it easier on all fronts for wineries to attend farmers’ markets.”

Wineries will still not be able to sell wine by the glass at farmers’ markets, and they will have to inform the Comptroller on the 20th of every month which markets they intend to visit the following month.

The Maryland Wineries Association is encouraging wineries to apply now for new off-site permit so they are able to utilize it at the beginning of next month. 

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