Weekend bites: Joey Chiu's reviewed, snowballs and the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

The Baltimore Sun

Jacques Kelly takes readers back to the corner of Barclay and 29th streets, and the summertime appearances of the American Ice Company truck. He also takes them inside the Snack and Chat Shop, which "offered pickled onions, Utz potato chips, Mary Janes (the molasses candy), malted milk balls, Hendler's strawberry ice cream, TastyKake Creamies, Camels, Chesterfields and Luckies, plus Maryland Chief canned tomatoes and money orders, too."

Here's Jacques story.

Karen Nitkin has a Daytrip feature on the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, which is going on this weekend. You can still get up there; that's why them call them "day trips."

And the Sunday review of Joey Chiu's Greenspring Inn is up. This is the first time I've ever seriously considered revising a review based on the photographs that came back. Lloyd Fox got some beautiful shots at Joey Chiu's. I mention in the review how sorry the owner was that the sushi chef was off the night we visited. I assume he assembled this seared appetizer because the version we were served looked nothing like this. Remotely.

Who's had the sushi at Joey Chiu's? 

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