Thursday is crepe night at Bonjour Bakery

The Baltimore Sun

Thursday is Crepe Night at Bonjour, Gayle Brier-Billebault and Gerard Billebault's Mount Washington bakery and cafe. Because patrons take their crepe's on the purple farmhouse's front porch, the weekly event is weather permitting. Tonight, it looks like the weather is going to permit.

Tonight's crepe menu at Bonjour includes spinach in bechamel sauce, French ham in bechamel sauce and cheese with ham or turkey.

But that's not all. Also on the menu is a chicken breast poached in herbs and white wine in a wine and mushroom cream sauce, served with a side of roasted potato salad or green salad, and deviled eggs a la carte. If Gerard Billebault's name is familiar, you may remember him from Brasserie Tatin in Tuscany-Canterbury.  

Of course, while you're there, load up on those macarons.

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