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The 13th Floor in the Belvedere to cease bar operations, serve exclusively as event venue

The 13th Floor will transition to become an event venue, will no longer be open to the public.

The 13th Floor, the bar with a view in the Belvedere, will cease operating as a bar and restaurant to focus on its catering and events business.

As of Wednesday, the Mount Vernon venue will only serve private and ticketed events. Sondra Goad, who runs the Belvedere's catering and restaurant operations, said the 13th Floor needed to better define its role to patrons.

Diners were frustrated when they dropped by only to find the venue closed for a private event, she said. 

"We were kind of dancing in both worlds of being a restaurant and catering," Goad said. "From a business standpoint we really needed to commit in one world, not both."

The 13th Floor reopened in October 2012 after undergoing renovations. 

The change will take effect Wednesday, and the 13th Floor will continue hosting weddings, rehearsal dinners, business meetings and other private events. Goad said she also hopes to create paired wine and pop-up dinners to draw diners for ticketed events.

"Diners and the dining public really want an experience," she said.

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