Sweet potato or green bean casserole? Neither -- Chazz Palminteri's Brussels sprouts

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Russell Brown, executive chef at O'Learys Seafood Restaurant in Annapolis, was in Today's Kitchen on Nov. 18 with Al Roker and Natalie Morales. The funniest thing happened. See, Brown is demonstrating how to make swordfish steak au poivre, and Morales notices that among the ingredients on the counter was white wine. So, Morales asks Brown about it, and then Al Roker makes it seem like Morales was interested because she wanted to DRINK the wine!!!!!

You can watch this classic TV moment here.

The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog is running Thanksgiving Tips from the Stars -- here's a recipe for Brussels sprouts with pancetta from Chazz Palminteri, which you can try for yourself at Chazz: A Bronx Original in Baltmore's beautiful Harbor East.

Traveling by air? Grub Street has this roundup -- Air Fare: 47 Places to Eat When You’re Inevitably Stuck During a Layover. BWI Marshall is included -- the editors' choice is Obrykci's on Concourse AB. The slide gallery is arranged alphabetically by city, which you'd think would put BWI right after Hartsfield-Jackson, but no. BWI is not located in Baltimore/Washington but Washington/Baltimore. 

Green Bean or Sweet Potato: Battle of the Casserole Dishes  (Christian Science Monitor)

And while you're traveling, here are 29 Touristy (Food) Spots in America That are Actually Good (Serious Eats). No Baltimore representation here. If they'd asked me, I'd have told them Faidley at Lexington Market.

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