The Senator Theatre will reopen without a restaurant operation

The Baltimore Sun

When the Senator Theatre reopens to the public on Friday, moviegoers will be able to get popcorn and Raisinets but not calamari and chardonnay.

The Senator will reopen with standard movie house concessions, but the previously announced Bar Zini, a 100-seat Mediterranean restaurant that was to be run by the chef David Sherman (Nasu Blanca) will not be part of the new Senator. And there are no firm plans in place for a restaurant operation at the theater.

"We will focus in earnest on finding an operator once the theater opens," said Kathleen Lyon, a co-owner of the theater.

Merchants at the Belvedere Square shopping center, located across the street from the theater, will begin staying open late beginning Thursday to accomodate hungry movie patrons.

(Belvedere Square will stay up late for Senator patrons)


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