Andrew Palmer

Baltimore police released this mug shot of Andrew Palmer, 45, whose last listed address was in the 500 block of S. Broadway. Palmer was sentenced to an 18-month prison term after pleading guilty to a theft scheme for running out on the check at various restaurants but has recently been released. (Baltimore City Police Department / August 3, 2012)

The man who avoids paying his restaurant tab by faking a seizure is back in prison, according to the office of Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein.

Andrew Palmer, 46, has been convicted more than four dozen times, Bernstein's office said, mostly for a unique spin on the classic dine-and-dash: Palmer would eat at a restaurant, then fake a seizure, be taken to a nearby hospital, only to be released when medical personnel found nothing wrong with him. Meanwhile, the restaurant would be stuck with an unpaid bill.

The two most recent incidents, prosecutors said, occurred three days apart in January. On Jan. 17, just six days after being released from prison, Palmer pretended to suffer a seizure at Shuckers Restaurant & Bar in Fells Point. Three days a later, Palmer struck at Sullivan's Steakhouse. He left unpaid tabs of $61.29 and $161.18 at those two restaurants.

On Friday, Palmer pleaded guilty to theft of less than $100 and of less than $1,000 for those incidents. He was sentenced to time served for the first offense - 29 days - and to a year in prison for the second.

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