The Beyonce sandwich

The sandwich is made with Popeyes fried chicken, bacon blue cheese crumbles, jelly and an onion ring. (Photo courtesy / February 15, 2013)

If you're inviting company over for the premiere of the HBO Beyonce documentary on Saturday night -- isn't everybody? -- here's a sandwich for you to make your guests, courtesy of - Life With a Smile.

You can find the recipe and photos here. There's even a step-by-step video.

The Beyonce sandwich stacks Popeyes fried chicken, three strips of bacon, hot sauce, blue cheese crumbles and jelly on Texas toast. There's some logic at play. Texas Toast celebrates the Houston native's home state. The three strips of bacon refer to Beyonce's formative years with Destiny's Child.

It's cute. Serve it with a Pepsi.

"Beyonce: Life is But a Dream" premieres Saturday night on HBO. Tickets for Beyonce's concert at Verizon Center are on sale today.

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