There are also Baltimore-centric draft beers from Union Craft Brewing and the Raven and reasonably priced wines by the glass.

On the soft side, there's chocolate milk, root beer on tap, alcohol-free slushes and shakes and a homemade version of V8.

How are the prices?

If you resist the urge to pile on snacks, sides, slushy drinks, you can get in an out of Shoo-Fly for $20 a person. But if you're tempted to try more, at least on a first visit, figure $40.

Can I look at the menu on their website?

No, not yet anyway.

Should we go now, or should I wait until they work out the kinks?

Shoo-Fly seem ready to me. But avoid prime-time. We went on 5 p.m. on Sunday night, which turned out to be a smart move. There was a good crowd there, but nothing like on Friday and Saturday when lines were 90-minutes long. 

How about those fussy friends of ours I told you about, the ones who make a sport out of going to new restaurants just so they can find something to complain about? Should we arrange to meet them at Shoo-Fly?

Yes, but give them the wrong date on purpose.

Good idea. Wait a minute, how about parking?

We had no trouble on a Sunday finding a space on Belvedere Square’s surface lot, but on a weekend you should just pay $5 for the valet parking and be done with it.

And what if we want to see a movie at the Senator Theatre? Can they get us in and out on time?

Don't go when it's crowded, don't dither about your order and don't order your hamburger well-done. Any time you're late to the movie it's probably your own fault.

Geez, Gorelick!

Sorry, but that drives me crazy.

Shoo-Fly opens for dinner daily at 4 p.m. The bar stays open daily until 1 a.m.

The restaurant is at 510 E. Belvedere Ave. in Chinquapin Park. For information call 410-464-9222 or visit their website at