Nalley Fresh will open Hunt Valley location in September

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Nalley Fresh has become a neighborhood favorite for the downtown office crowd, who line up to create their own rice bowls ($5.75), burrito wraps ($7.50) and salads ($8.30). Those prices include the addition of a basic protein, vegetables, homemade dressings and cheeses. You pick them out, and a counter crew prepares it.

Lunch for $10 or less: Nalley Fresh

Sound easy? It’s not. Well, not the first time. The interface at Nalley Fresh can be confusing. You can add eight toppings to a salad, but it’s hard to see all of your options before you start picking them out. It’s really only a problem on your first visit, and the Nalley gang has learned to look out for customers with that deer-in-the-headlights stare — “First time?”

The downtown location has been such a hit that Nalley has decided to open a second location. Come September, Nalley Fresh will be opening on Schilling Circle in Hunt Valley. The new location will have seating for 70, Nalley said.

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